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Round Cardboard Box


Round Cardboard Box / Round Cardboard Gift Boxes

Round box with lid, 2mm rigid cardboard covered 128 gsm art paper with yellow printing , bottom boxes with top lids , round cardboard boxes.

Round Cardboard Box

Item No. : CB002

Product Name : Round Cardboard Box

Material of the cardboard box : 2mm rigid strong smooth cardboard , one side is white color , one side is grey color , same material for the bottom box and lid. 128 gsm art paper with 1 color printing for bottom box , art paper with 3 color printing for the top lid.

Size of the gift boxes : bottom box size , dia. 18 cm, height 12 cm . Top lid size , dia. 18.5 cm , height 3 cm

Shaped of the cardboard gift boxes : round shaped cardboard box , round gift boxes, cardboard boxes with lids, round bottom box with lid , round top cardboard lid

Printing of the round boxes : 1 color yellow color background printing for the bottom box for this cardboard gift box . 3 color , yellow , red , gold printing for the top lid of the gift boxes.

Packing : 1 set round cardboard box into a polybag , 8 sets round gift boxes into a shipping carton.

There are many kinds of gift boxes, round boxes, shipping boxes and cardboard boxes , including wedding card boxes, storage gift boxes, jewelry wooden boxes and rigid cardboard gift boxes.

  • LauraNesmith

  • waleed

    The design of that round card box is really awesome and we can order them to tame it for us according to our demand. Their service is really very nice and fast same like research paper writing services and we can orders them for any type of box because they are professional.

  • Susan Thomas

    What is size of these boxes in inches? What is the cost of 600 boxes? How long will it take to deliver to Trinidad & Tobago?
    Thank You,
    Susan Thomas

  • Lorraine

    Could I get a quote on this box and shipping cost to ireland

  • p primera

    need 3 22inch round card board boxes pls advise ty

  • Judy Silver

    How much would @30 boxes like these cost[quote=dianne]They are very attractive. What size are they in inches? What is the price? Where are they shipped from? Will need to calculate shipping.[/quote][quote=dianne]

  • dianne

    They are very attractive. What size are they in inches? Would the lid stay on to hold body powder? What is the price? Where are they shipped from? Will need to calculate shipping.

  • David N

    I need to buy a lot (like hundreds maybe more) :side: of those lids. I also need the same number of smaller or larger ones (differing circumference not depth)

    please email me back at

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