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Folding Cardboard Boxes

Foldable gift boxes, 2mm rigid cardboard board covered gold and silver metallic paper , standard size , folded cardboard boxes.

Folding Cardboard Boxes

Item No. : CB004

Product Name : Folding Cardboard Boxes

Material of the cardboard boxes : 2mm rigid cardboard , 120 gsm special golden metallic paper , 120 gsm silver metallic paper , hidden magnets

Size of the foldable cardboard box : 25 x 25 x 6.5 cm , height 6.5 cm , flap size 3 cm height. And we can produce the gift boxes baesd on your size.

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Printing : golden color , silver color. Gold color for inside of the box and the side wall of the cardboard boxes. Silver color for the outside of the fold cardboard boxes.

Lamination : matt lamination for these folding cardboard boxes .

Packing : 1 piece card box into a polybag , 12 pieces folded cardboard boxes into a inner box , 24 pieces into a shipping box

There is no two-sides adhesive glue on the four corners , it is a very strong cardboard gift box , and the magnets is very strong magnetism, the box is closed very well.

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