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How to make a foldable box?


How to make a foldable gift box?

Why you want to make the folding gift boxes


Now many customers want to custom made the gift boxes from China, but the high expensive shipping freight for the box, so the foldable gift box can save many packing cost and delivery cost for the customers.


At first, you should know the box shape and structure which you need. Folding boxes, square-shaped.

Which size you need?

What about the printing?

What about the material of the folding boxes?


If you know the above information, then you can order the material .

For example , the specification of the folding boxes as below :

1. Size : 22 (L)x 22 (W) x 6 (H)cm

2. Material : 1.5 mm rigid paper board with 128 gsm art paper

3. Printing : spot color printing on the inside and outside of the box

4. Closure : strong magnet

Ok, You should buy these material , 1.5 mm rigid paper board, 128 gsm art paper , strong magnet ,  3M stickers , glue .

when you material is ready. Then we go ahead, to make the folded gift boxes now.

Step one : based on the size , you should cut some small pieces grey boards, and cut the outside paper

Step two : make the printing film with your artwork , then print the 128 gsm art paper , make the matt lamination.

Step Three : add the magent to the grey board, hidden it

Step Four : glue the outside printed paper to the grey board. Then the folding boxes are finished.

Step Five : flat the foldable gift box, put into a polybag .

If you need a folding gift box sample to consult, we are glad to send you a sample.There are many styles gift boxes and folding boxes for your reference.

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