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Cardboard Cupcake Box


Cardboard Cupcake Box / Cupcake Boxes

Cupcake paper box, food paper cardboard with food ink printing and water lamination , die-cut handles , foldable structure, nice and beautiful foldable cardboard cupcake box.

Cardboard Cupcake Box

Material of the cupcake box : 400 gsm food grade white cardboard paper

Printing : food grade ink printing , 4 color for outside of the foldable boxes

Handles : die-cut handle , please check the pictures.

Lamination : water lamination for food packing

Size of the cardboard paper box : box-shaped size : 24 x 12cm , 28 cm height (box with handle height)

Cardboard Cupcake boxes with flip lid and insert , one cupcake box can hold 12 pieces cupcakes.

Food Paper Boxes

Packing : flat pack , one piece into a polybag , bulk into a strong shipping cartons

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Foldable Cardboard Cake Box

  • RhondaPullen

  • Tara

    Would you please be able to send me prices on single, 6 pack and 12 pack cupcake boxes?
    Does it cost more to have logo printed on them? If so, could you please give me a price on plane and printed.
    Do the boxes include inserts? If so, what are the hole measurements?
    I would need the boxes shipped to Australia - what is the freight cost?
    Kind regards,

  • Paula Williams

    Hello, looking for a customized - 4 color printing - OPEN TOP cardboard box to hold four sandwiches. Box may or may not need a \"divider\" to keep sandwiches separate. Box should fold flat.
    I have a picture of what I am looking for I can send.

    thank you

  • Dan Vardy

    Hi there,
    Could you please give me a price if I was to order a batch of FB026 BOXES, with custom printing. Also, do you make the inserts to go inside these boxes and do you do the same style boxes but in different sizes?

  • ally fitzgerald

    Hi i want to enquire please about your cupcake boxes? I own a cake company and would like to get boxes printed with my logo/design. can you please give me more information on minimum order quantity, price, and also what sizes the box can be made in?

  • Ania

    I\'m interested in getting low priced white cupcake carry boxes or bags that would be big enough to hold 6 and 12 cupcakes (some cupcakes are quite tall so the height would have to be a minimun of 4inches). It is for a business so we would like to regularly order them in lots of 100-200 and may be interested in other sizes when we run out of our current stock. can you give me a price to produce and deliver these to New Zealand.
    Thank you

  • Cristal

    Please send me a link to your website or send me a catalog if you have one. I love your cupcake box!

  • farah

    Hi there,

    Could you please send me some prices on having cupcake boxes for 4 and 6 inside with my personalized logo .

    kinds regards, farah

  • Mike Clark

    We are an existing cupcake company, we need approx 4000 4 cupcake holders, and 5000 single cupcake holders. All printed with our logo and colour choice.


  • Suzanne Butts

    I am interested in price for 3,000 to hold 6, and for singles on cupcakes.
    Personalized with our own logo.

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