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Foldable Boxes : China Manufacturer of custom-made rigid paper foldable boxes, folded boxes, folding boxes, fold gift box.

Pane Paper Box

Paper boxes , foldable style , flat packing . Rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper with 4 color pane printing and matt lamination , one golden logo printing on the inside of the box. Nice pane folded paper box for large keepsake box.

Size of foldable paper box : 42 x 24 x 7cm , you can custom made any sizes boxes from our factory.

Material : 2mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper , inside paper is same as outside paper

Printing : 4 color pane printing for inside and outside of the folding boxes

Structure : foldable style , to save the packing cost and delivery cost for our client

Packing : 1pc/polybag , 12 pcs/inner box , 24 pcs/ctn

MOQ : 1,000 pcs pane paper box

Do you interested in any other style boxes , round boxes, hat boxes , packing boxes, nested paper boxes ?

 Keepsake Folding Box

Keepsake boxes, foldable  type paper box, large size, 2mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm white art paper with orange printing and hidden magnet to close the box.

Keepsake Foldable Paper Boxes

Size : can meet any size, this box size is 36 x 24 x 7cm

Material : 2mm thickness rigid paper board , wrapped 128 gsm art paper

Printing : outside of the folding boxes, 1 color , orange color logo on centre of the top of paper box

Inside of the keepsake boxes : endpaper color is 1 color , orange color bottom for full endpaper

Lamination : glossy lamination for inside and outside of the keepsake gift boxes.

Closure : hidden strong mangets to close the box

Packing : 1 pc flat into a polybag , 12 pcs into a inner box, 24 pcs per carton

Keepsake Folding Boxes


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Black Foldable Box with Lid

Box with lid in black glossy paper, rigid paper board covered printed art paper. Black folding box flat into the lid to packing. Keepsake gift boxes with metal corners and metal handle.

Black Folding Paper Box

Foldable box size : 46 length x 36 x width x 16 height cm , lid height : 3.5 cm

Material : 2.5 mm rigid paper card board covered with 128 gsm art paper in black.

Printing : black spot printing on the box and lid, other colors are also ok, we can print any other color based on client's requirements , pink, blue, purple , white , red , or other 4 color printing.

Shaped : rectangular gift box , foldable bottom box with lid

Decoration : metal corners to protect the corners of box lid , metal handles on the bottom box. Metal button to close the bottom boxes , open the buttons to flat the boxes.

MOQ : 3,000 pieces folding gift box per size

Packing : 1 pc bottom box with lid flat into a polybag , 12 pcs per cartons

Custom made black folded paper box based on your requirements . Zooly box source can produce many folding boxes, black folded boxes, folding keepsake boxes, round gift boxes, small folding boxes, etc.

Black Foldable Gift Boxes

Black Fold Box with Lid

Small Folding Boxes

Small gift boxes, folding paper boxes, small size , 1.5mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper , 2 spot color printing on the art paper. Folded box with a flap , hidden strong magnet on the flap, white ribbon butterfly as a decoration to decorative the mini paper box.

Foldable box

Size : 16 x 17 x 4.5 cm

Material : 1.5mm rigid paper board , 128 gsm art paper , C2S, white riband , adhesive sticker

Printing : 2 spot color for this gift box , red color and green color , logo printing on the top of lid.

Lamination : matt lamination for the outside and inside of the small folding box.

Flap size : 3.5cm height , two white ribbons centre of the flap .

Packing : 1 piece small folded boxes flat into a polybag , 12 pcs/inner boxes, 24 pcs/carton

MOQ : 5,000 pieces small folding boxes

Price : if you interested in this small foldable box, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . And you can send me more specification of the boxes which you need, we can quote the price based on your requirements.

And you can find more gift boxes, small round boxes, folding boxes, nesting gift boxes, decorative gift box at zooly box source.

Small Folded Boxes

Small Folding Paper Boxes

Printed folding gift box

Folding boxes, 1.5mm rigid paper board covered with high quality art paper with 4 color printing and foil, hidden strong magnets on the flap to close the gift box, flat into a polybag for packing to save the packing volume and delivery freight.

baby folding gift boxes

Size : length 35 cm x width x 25 cm x height 12.5cm

Material of the gift boxes : 1.5mm rigid strong and flat grey paper board , 120 gsm high quality pearl art paper for outsides and the printed walls , 128 gsm art paper with 1 color printing for the endpaper and inside of the walls.

Priting : 4 color baby boy printing for the outsides , 1 color yellow dot printing for the inside

Foil and embossing : silve foil on the letthers on outside of the gift box, embossing the lines on the quality pearl art paper

Closure : 4 piece double-sides stickers on the four corners , when you use the box , tear the stickers to glue the sides to the gift boxes. Two hidden magnets to close the baby gift box.

Packing : 1 piece foldable gift box with 1 piece gift bag into a polybag

More gift boxes, folding boxes, keepsake boxes, nesting boxes, small round boxes, please contact us .

folded gift box with gift bag

printed folding boxes

White Folding Box

Folding box, large size , white color for inside, walls and outside of the folded box, 1.5mm paper board covered 128 gsm art paper without printing. Flat white folding box for cloth.

Size of the white box : length 33 cm x width  20 cm x height 10 cm , flap height : 4 cm

Material of the foldable white box : 1.5 mm rigid grey paperboard wrapped 128 gsm art paper

Printing : no printing , just white color for whole folding box

Lamination : matt lamination for this large folding box

Closure : 2 hidden strong magnets to close the folding white boxes

Packing : flat packed , one piece box fold into a polybag , 30 pieces into a carton

More folding boxes, gift boxes, nesting boxes , if you interested in any gift boxes , or you want to custom made any boxes, please contact us .

How to make a foldable gift box?

Why you want to make the folding gift boxes


Now many customers want to custom made the gift boxes from China, but the high expensive shipping freight for the box, so the foldable gift box can save many packing cost and delivery cost for the customers.


At first, you should know the box shape and structure which you need. Folding boxes, square-shaped.

Which size you need?

What about the printing?

What about the material of the folding boxes?


If you know the above information, then you can order the material .

For example , the specification of the folding boxes as below :

1. Size : 22 (L)x 22 (W) x 6 (H)cm

2. Material : 1.5 mm rigid paper board with 128 gsm art paper

3. Printing : spot color printing on the inside and outside of the box

4. Closure : strong magnet

Ok, You should buy these material , 1.5 mm rigid paper board, 128 gsm art paper , strong magnet ,  3M stickers , glue .

when you material is ready. Then we go ahead, to make the folded gift boxes now.

Step one : based on the size , you should cut some small pieces grey boards, and cut the outside paper

Step two : make the printing film with your artwork , then print the 128 gsm art paper , make the matt lamination.

Step Three : add the magent to the grey board, hidden it

Step Four : glue the outside printed paper to the grey board. Then the folding boxes are finished.

Step Five : flat the foldable gift box, put into a polybag .

If you need a folding gift box sample to consult, we are glad to send you a sample.There are many styles gift boxes and folding boxes for your reference.

Purple gift box

Folding gift box , square shape box with lid. Paper board covered 128 gsm art paper with pruple printing and matt lamination.

Size of the purple folding box : 225 x 225 x 80 mm

Material of the purple box : 1.5 mm rigid paper board with 128 gsm C2S art paper , white adhesive sticker on four corners

Printing : purple color on the 128 gsm paper , box lid with logo and website printing.

Lamination : matt lamination for the whole purple gift box, including the inside and outside , the bottom box and the lid.

Our factory can also produce other gift boxes, like the nesting boxes, folding boxes, round gift boxes, black boxes, keepsake boxes,  etc.

Foldable Boxes

Paper gift boxes , foldable box can flat packing to save the shipping freight for customers. Rigid paper board covered printed art paper with matt lamination , golden paper for the inside of the foldable boxes.

Folded paper box compose : botton box can fold , with a lid not foldalbe. Foldable bottom box with a square lid box.

Gift Box size : 22.5 x 22.5 x 8 cm , lid height : 3.5 cm

Printing : purple color on the art paper , golden logo on the top of the lid , golden website printing on the sides of the lid of folding paper boxes.

Material of the folding gift box : 1.5 mm rigid paper board with 128 gsm art paper , 120 gsm special gold paper for inside of the botton box and lid.

Closure : 4 hidden magnets on the four corners of the botton box , to keep the box can stand.

Packing : 1 foldable box with a lid into a polybag

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