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Cardboard Chocolate Boxes


Chocolate Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard gift boxes, 5 different sizes, 480 gsm white cardboard with copper and brown chocolate printing , food grade cardboard box for Chocolate.

Chocolate Gift Boxes

Zooly box source, including packagings , cake boxes, chocolate boxes, Traiteur boxes, Ice Cream Boxes, Cardboard cake boxes,  small gift boxes, etc.

These boxes of Chocolate , 5 different sizes, small size boxes insert to the second box,  the second box insert to the third box, and so on, please check the attached pictures. 5 chocolate gift boxes insert together , like a 5-tier tower gift boxes.

Material of the Chocolate Box : 480 gsm food grade white cardboard, strong cardboard, coated one side

Printing : 2 color , copper and brown chocolate color printing on the outside of the cardboard box, water varnish , copper golden color embossing lines

Die-cut : when the boxes printed, we will die-cut the cardboard paper , for different sizes, the shaped, then you can fold a gift box

Packing : flat packing , different sizes chocolate boxes into different cartons

Small cardboard boxes with inserts for holding Chocolates and confectionery items.

Chocolate Boxes. Boxes used for single or mutiple chocolates. These boxes can make the perfect addition to your chocolates,

Chocolate box art originally referred literally to decorations on chocolate boxes.

A variety of luxurious boxes of chocolate containing dark, milk or white chocolate, truffles or a complete chocolate selection are available at Hotel or other occasion.

cardboard gift boxes

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  • Chris

    Hi Elvis

    Could you please supply the sizes of the GB038 set of 5 chocolate boxes and MOQ. Thanks.

  • rahim

    im rahim from india , will u be able to supply 3000 to 4000 pcs of assorted chocolate box , plz reply asap

    thanks & regards

  • elvis

    No thanks.

  • audrey

    Do you sell direct to public in small quantities?

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