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Triangular Paper Gift Box with Lid


Zooly Box is a paper box manufacturer in China, our factory can produce the new boxes based on you want.

Product Name : Triangular Paper Gift Box with Lid

Item No. : ZY1201

Triangular Paper Gift Box with Lid

Material : 2 mm paper board covered 128 gsm coated paper and matt lamination

Size : large size paper box, 28 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm

Printing : black printing for outside of the bottom and lid

Shape : triangular shaped gift box

Structure : bottom box with lid, triangular paper box with lid

Logo : there is no logo printing on the box, if you need, we can print your logo on the lid

Inside of the box to be white color.

Customize paper boxes from Zooly Box!

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  • amanda secor

    can you make the inside of the box black as well?

  • amanda secor

    hello, can they inside of the box be black as well instead of white?

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