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Gift Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, Paper Gift Boxes , Jewelry Gift Boxes , manufacturer of custom-made many gift boxes.

Small Paper Box with Ribbon

Custom made Small Paper Box with Ribbon based on your requirements. You can find more paper boxes, rigid boxes, cardboard boxes and small boxes here.

1.5mm rigid paper board covered colored special paper , same color ribbon to decorative this small paper box.

Small Paper Box with Ribbon

Item No. : GB078

Product Name : Small Paper Box with Ribbon

Material of these paper boxes : 1.5mm rigid paper board , one side is grey color , one side is white color, white color for inside of the box, outer side wrapping the special paper. We can supply you many kinds of special paper , like different colors, including green, pink, red, black , white, blue, baby pink, etc.

Size of the small paper box : 18cm length x 4cm width x 3cm depth , lid height 2cm

Structure of the paper box : base with lid , bottom box with top lid, paper boxes with paper lids

Printing / Logo : because we use the special color paper for the outer side paper , there is no other printing on the box, if you need logo on it , we can do hot stampe in golden color or silver color for the logo on the front of the paper gift boxes.

Ribbon : same color as the box color , small ribbons to decorative this small paper box.

Packing : 1 piece small paper box with ribbon into a polybag , 60 pieces small paper boxes into a shipping carton.

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Suede Leather Gift Box

Custom Suede Leather Gift Box based on your  size. Find more gift boxes, CD boxes, fabric boxes and leather boxes here.

Rigid paper board covered blue color suede leather , CD gift boxes with lids.

Suede Leather Gift Box

Item No. : GB077

Product Name : Suede Leather Gift Box

Material of the CD boxes : 2mm rigid paper board , dark blue suede material for bottom box and lid.

Structure of gift box : bottom box with lid , CD box with lid .

Size of the suede leather gift box : 28 x 12 x 12 cm, lid height 3.5cm

Color of the box : we can produce the box at many different colors , including blue , dark blue, red, black , white , purple and other colors.

Material : we can use different material for these boxes, like pu leather, suede leather, fabric , paper , printed paper or other material .

There is one small metal label holder , can hold one piece small business card or a label.

Packing : 1 piece suede leather gift box into a polybag , 12 pieces gift boxes into a shipping carton.

Our factory can produce many different kinds of gift boxes , CD boxes for you , including wedding gift boxes , rigid paper boxes, small boxes, cardboard gift boxes, baby gift boxes, nesting boxes and round boxes.

Rigid Cardboard Gift Box

Custom made Rigid Cardboard Gift Box based on your artwork and size. Find more gift case, rigid boxes, cardboard boxes and boxes with lids.

Rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper , box with flap lid , 4 color printing and matt lamination for outside of the box.

Rigid Cardboard Gift Box

Item No. : GB076

Product Name : Rigid Cardboard Gift Box

Material of the box : inner box , 1.5 mm rigid paper board covered white paper , outer base and lid material is 1.5 mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper with 4 color printing .

Printing : small flower printing and matt lamination for the outside box and lid , and we can print the box for your design and artwork, your logo is welcome.

Size of the cardboard box : length 24 cm x width 8 cm x height 10 cm , your size is welcome.

Lamination : matt lamination

Rigid paper board box , this box can pack for wine bottle, small gifts, cloths, etc.

Packing : 1 pc/polybag , 24 pieces per shipping carton.

We are a paper box manufacturer in China, our factory can produce the gift box , paper box, keepsake boxes based on your requirements. You can find more gift boxes with lids, disney gift boxes, rigid paper board boxes, cardboard boxes and storage boxes here.

Decorative Favor Boxes

Custom made favor boxes based on your requirements. Find more packaging boxes, small boxes, gift boxes and favor boxes here.

Rigid cardboard boxes with lids , decorated with wrapping paper and colored ribbons, decorated favor boxes as a gift for your friends.

Decorated Favor Boxes

Item No. : GB075

Product Name : Decorative Favor Boxes

Material of these boxes : 1.5 mm rigid paper board , one side grey color , the other side is white color paper board. 128 gsm art paper with 4 color printing and matt lamination , 60 gsm wrapping paper in different colors one side . Colored ribbons to decorate the favor boxes.

Size of these gift boxes : there are many different sizes for you, small size, like 8 x 8 x 3 cm to pack small gifts . Medium size, large size , or custom made the boxes based on your sizes.

Structure of the decorative favor boxes : bottom boxes with top lids, favor boxes with favor lids to hold your loved gifts for your lover or friends.

How to wrap a decorated favor box? When you take the boxes, wrapping paper , ribbons , then find the way at google.com , you can learn how to do it by yourself. Enjoy your time.

Wrapping paper : 60 gsm with 1 color printing on one side, the other side is white color withour printing, and we can print your logo or other information on the wrapping paper which you wanted.

Decorative ribbons :  small ribbons in different colors , red, white , gold, silver or other color ribbons to decorative your favor boxes.

You can find more decorative gift boxes , hat boxes and small boxes here , including wedding boxes, holiday boxes, round boxes, small boxes, gift boxes and jewelry boxes.

Decorative Chocolate Boxes

Custom Made Decorative Chocolate Boxes based on 300 gsm cardboard in brown color for you. Find more paper boxes, brown boxes, chocolate boxes , card boxes and decorative boxes here.

Rigid card with 120 gsm special chocolate paper , folded as a pop up boxes, bottom box with top lid, and shipped by flat packaging to save the packing cost and shipping freight.

Decorative Chocolate Boxes

Item No. : GB074

Prodcut Name : Decorative Chocolate Boxes

Material of the chocolate boxes : 200 gsm white paper board glued 120 gsm chocolate color special paper with special grain , same material for the bottom boxes and top lids.

Structure of the decorative boxes : POP Up boxes, set up boxes, bottom boxes with lids , boxes with lids with decorative ribbons in pink

Shaped of the chocolate paper box : square shaped paper boxes, square-shaped chocolate boxes

Size of the decorative chocolate box : 12 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm , lid height 3 cm

How to make the chocolate boxes with decorative ribbons ? 120 gsm brown special paper glued on the 200 gsm white paper board , then die-cut the chocolate boxes into a with folded line , then fold it to a box. Same way to do the lid , just the size different.

Ribbons : width 1 cm , pink ribbons to decorate the brown paper boxes.

Packing : flat packaging , bulk into shipping carton.

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Black Paper Box

Custom Black Paper Box based on your size , ideas. Find more keepsake boxes, paper boxes, black boxes and gift boxes here.

1.5 mm rigid paper board covered 120 gsm black paper , black foam insert inside of the black paper box.

Black Paper Box

Item No. : GB073

Product Name : Black Paper Box

Material of the paper box : 1.5 mm rigid paper board , 120 gsm special black paper , black foam insert

Size of the black paper box : 15 cm x 15 cm x 3 cm height

Hidden magnet to close the flap on the front side.

Color of the paper box : black color , small size paper box in black color . We can use the other colors paper for this small paper box , like red , blue , pink, white , etc.

Structure of the gift box : small box with lid and flap

Insert : foam insert , black foam insert with die cut hole , can hold a piece pen, etc.

Packing : 1 piece black paper box into a polybag , 48 pieces black gift boxes into a shipping carton

Find more paper boxes , gift boxes here including small gift boxes, small paper boxes, red gift boxes, red CD boxes, paper gift boxes , black jewelry boxes, black paper boxes and round gift boxes.

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Natural Kraft Gift Boxes

Natural Kraft Gift Boxes at Zooly Boxes Source. Custom Natural Kraft Gift Box, Kraft Paper Boxes based on your requirements. Find more kraft boxes, brown gift boxes, natural gift boxes and paper boxes here.

Kraft gift box , die cut natural kraft paper box with die cut handle , natural brown kraft box without printing , but with a white sticker.

Natural Kraft Gift Boxes

Item No. : GB072

Product Name : Natural Kraft Gift Boxes

Material of the kraft gift boxes : 300 gsm card paper , natural kraft paper in 300 gsm , brown color kraft paper

Size of the natural box : 24 cm length x 12 cm width x 16 cm height

Shaped of the gift box : cake box shaped , handle gift boxes , card box

Printing on the kraft gift boxes : there is no ink printing on the natural brown kraft card paper , if you need any logo or website information for your company on the kraft gift box, we can print your information on a sticker , then put this sticker on the outside of the natural kraft paper boxes.

These boxes are kraft for the contemporary natural material look. These boxes are specifically made and sold as "give away" boxes for businesses to use to package items for customers. Boxes are shipped flat.

The kraft boxes made with natural kraft recyclicable board.

Find more kraft boxes, brown boxes and gift boxes here , including wedding card boxes, storage gift boxes, CD boxes, gift boxes and packaging boxes.

Orange Gift Boxes

Orange gift boxes, 2mm rigid cardboard covered 128 gsm art paper with orange printing and matt lamination , orange bottom boxes with orange top lids , orange keepsake gift boxes with brown decorative ribbons for your gifts.

Orange Gift Boxes

Item No. : GB071

Product Name : Orange Gift Boxes

Material of the orange boxes : 2 mm rigid cardboard , smooth and strong cardboard , outside wrap paper is 128 gsm art paper with orange printing , small width decorative brown color ribbons.

Shaped of the orange gift box : square shaped orange paper boxes , square bottom boxes and top lids in orange color

Printing for the gift boxes : orange color back ground printing for the outside of the gift boxes, PMS color is 137C for the orange color on art paper. And there is a brown color edge on the lid , you can see it in the picture. Custom made the cardboard gift boxes at your logo or design.

Logo : we can embossed your logo on the centre of the top lid , or print your logo or artwork on the boxes.

Inside of the orange boxes to be white color with wrapping paper for your gifts.

Size of these gift boxes : there are many different sizes for the orange boxes , large orange boxes for a keepsake gift boxes , small orange boxes for your jewelry as a gifts for your lover . Custom orange cardboard boxes at your size for your gifts with your logo soon.

Ribbons : small width , 0.8 cm width ribbon in brown color , when you put the gifts into the gift boxes , then put the brown ribbons to decorative the orange gift boxes for a gift.

Find more orange gift boxes , orange paper boxes and orange jewelry boxes here , including small orange cardboard boxes, small orange paper boxes, large orange keepsake boxes ,orange gift bags,  square orange boxes and orange photo frames.

Heart Paper Box with Lid / Heart Chocolate Box

Heart-shaped gift boxes , 2mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper with chocolate color printing , heart shaped paper boxes with lid , transparent PET window on the lid , decoratived chocolate ribbons.

Heart Paper Box with Lid

Item No. : GB070

Product Name : Heart Chocolate Box

Material of the heart shaped paper box : 2mm rigid, strong , smooth paper board , cardboard , covered 128 gsm art paper , inside is 128 gsm art paper , with matt lamination and choclate color printing. chocolate ribbons , PET transparent film window.

Size of the heart shaped gift box : length 20 cm x width 18 cm x depth 8 cm, lid height 5 cm

Printing : pink color with choclate color printing , bottom box outside is pink and chocolate stripes . Inside of the bottom box to be chocolate color . Inside of the top lid is pink color , outside of the top lid is pink background with chocolate edge. Screen printing on the PET window in Chocolate color.

Chocolate heart shaped boxes , rigid bottom box with rigid top lid . There are two holes on the heart of bottom box , through the chocolate ribbons then close the top lid and bottom box.

Shaped of the chocolate paper box : heart-shaped chocolate boxes, heart bottom box with heart top lid , chocolate box with lid.

Lamination of the paper box with lid : matt lamination for whole box , inside and outside of the gift boxes.

Heart Chocolate Boxes

Packing : 1 set into a polybag , 16 sets heart paper boxes with lids into a shipping carton.

There are many kinds of gift boxes , choclate boxes and keepsake gift boxes, including wedding favor gift boxes, decorative gift boxes, decorative storage boxes, decorative hat boxes , wooden wine boxes, rigid gift boxes, cardboard paper boxes, nested round boxes, small gift boxes and foldable boxes.

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