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Wholesale Hat Boxes


Cardboard Hat Box

Wholesale Hat Boxes

As a paper box wholesaler , exporter, manufacturer in China, our factory is specilized in paper boxes, keepsake boxes, cardboard boxes, hat boxes, etc. This is a round hat box , bottom box with a lid, printed cardboard round box.

Item No. : HB007

Product Name : wholesale hat boxes

Material of this box : 2mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper with 4 color printing , white color for inside of the bottom box and top lid. Same material for the bottom box and top lid.

Structure : round shaped , hat boxes with lids , round nesting hat boxes. Paper hat boxes wholesale.

This is just one size round hat box , we can produce many different sizes of this hat boxes, then nest these boxes together for one set , one gift hat boxes set.

Size of the cardboard hat box : dia. 16 cm , height of the bottom box : 9.5 cm , height of lid : 3 cm

Printing : 4 color nice design printing on the boxes with lids , your artwork is welcome.

Lamination : matt lamination for this cardboard hat box.

Packing : 1 piece hatbox into a polybag with airhole , 12 pieces cardboard hat boxes into a shipping carton.

Zooly box soure is a manufacturer of paper box in China, we can produce many different kinds of gift boxes, round boxes, hat boxes, nesting boxes, etc. You can find may nice gift boxes here , including small round gift box , decorative round hat box ,printable round cake hat box,  rigid cardboard keepsake boxes, small jewelry paper boxes , etc.

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  • Denise Dyer

    I have noticed that your qty\'s are 2,000 plus. My question is this... I am starting a business from home, and need boxes, however do not need 2,000. BUT I thought it wouldn\'t hurt to ask if perhaps you have had some misprints, or boxes that were rejected that you may be willing to sell in smaller qty\'s? It doesn\'t hurt to ask?

  • Courtney

    good evening i am in need of about 100 boxes as of right now to do a test run on packageing! I am a up and coming business owner. We are currently looking for a round box and lid to package our tutu\'s to our customers. I would like it To be BRIGHT PINK with LIME GREEN poka dots and a zebra striped ribbon as the \"handel\" please let me know if this is something you can produce and the pricing! thanks so much

  • adam youssouf

    hi there ho much for 2000 hat boxes and what styles and sizes do u have thanks

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