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Printable Round Cake Hatbox


Printable Round Cake Hatbox

Hatbox , one bottom box with a top lid

Box size : 25 cm (dia.) x 19 cm (height)

Lid size : 26 cm (dia.) x 3.5 cm (height)

Printing : 1 spot red color for the lid and box with gloss lamination

Material : 1350 gsm (2mm thickness) rigid and strong paper board with 128 gsm coated art paper

Glue and ink : Environmental protection glue and ink for this box , no smell.

This is cake hatbox , can hold the cake , sweet for baby.

Packing : 1 box with lid into a polybag , 8 hatboxes into a carton

Printable Round Boxes

Round Cake Hatbox

  • JorgeMartinez

  • Karen Harris

    We need a round container to ship 4.5 -6 inch cakes. In a quantity of about 100.

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  • max

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  • jk500

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  • Samantha

    Looking for small round hot pink or fuschia box with lid - sizes approx. 3-3.5 inch wide by 2-2.5 inch high. Looking to purchase 25-50 for first order. Thanks.

  • Lois

    I am interested in 6 hat boxes for a bridal shower I love HB001. Can you give me a price and the size in inches. I want to use them with flower for centerpieces for a Mad Hatter theme.
    How soon can I get them to San Diego?

  • Stacy

    Hi - I would like a quote for 1,000 round cake boxes - with the design of item HB022 (black & white)with no ribbons and no slit in box- is that possible?

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