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Small Jewelry Boxes

Small Jewelry Boxes manufacturer in China ! Custom small jewellery boxes from Zooly !

Feature of small jewelry box with lid

1.5 mm rigid paper board , 120 gsm special paper , silver , black or natural brown kraft paper ,small sizes jewellery boxes with lids

More Details of small jewelry paper boxes

Small Jewelry Boxes


  • Item No. : JB041
  • Product Name : mini jewelry boxes
  • Material : 1.5 mm rigid paper board , 120 gsm special paper, silver paper , black paper , natural brown kraft paper
  • Size : small sizes , different sizes, we can produce the small jewelry boxes based on your sizes.
  • Structure : small box with lid , two pieces small boxes, 2 piece jewelry boxes, smalll jewelry boxes with lids
  • Shape : rectangular shaped small boxes
  • Printing : special paper in different colors , black or silver color, brown natural kraft color
  • Logo : hot stampe logo on the top lid , centre postion , silver logo or black logo
  • Lamination : no lamination
  • Packaging : 1 piece small jewelry box into a polybag , 72 pieces small jewellery boxes into a shipping box.

Customize small jewelry box with your logo printing at your sizes !

Our factory can produce many kinds of jewlery boxes, small boxes, gift boxes, keepsake boxes , paper boxes, heart jewelry boxes, pink jewelry boxes, fine jewelry boxes, handcrafted jewelry boxes, watch jewelry boxes, paper gift jewelry boxes, music jewelry boxes and small jewelry boxes, etc.

Reviews : Any questions or comments about the small jewelry gift box, please leave a comment below. 

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