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Faux Leather Jewelry Gift Boxes


Zooly box is a gift box , jewelry boxes manufacturer in China, our factory can produce many styles of jewelry gift boxes, leather ring boxes, small jewellery boxes, etc.

Item No.: GB110

Product Name : Faux Leather Jewelry Gift Boxes

Faux Leather Jewelry Gift Boxes

Material : faux leather , foam tray with flocking surface, satin fabric

Size : very small size boxes for ring holder , earring holder, etc. Small jewelry gift boxes in leather

Color : black, red color is most popular , black jewelry box for ring, earring, etc.

Style : box with connected lid , you can open the lid, then see the jewellery

Shape : oval shaped jewelry boxes, square shape jewlery gift boxes

Padding : white foam padding with white flocking on the surface , die cutting slot to hold the ring or earring, etc.

Packing : 1 piece small jewlery gift box into a polybag , then 120 pieces small jewelry boxes into a strong shipping carton.

Custom Faux leather jewelry boxes

If you like the styles of gift boxes , jewelry boxes, please contact us, our factory can produce the boxes based on your requirements.

But our MOQ is 3,000 pcs each size, if your quantity is too small, it is not good to produce.

Our factory can also provide many more styles gift boxes, keepsake boxes , folding boxes, etc. Like small paper boxes, small round boxes, decorative storage boxes, wholesale hat boxes, jewelry gift boxes, small ring boxes, etc.

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  • lilik jenyling

    Dear Zooly Box...

    I'm interested in the leather jewellery box.
    Would you send me your cataloque and the pricing and also the moq?
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.


    Lilik Jenyling

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