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Leather Boxes with Lids


Leather Boxes with Lids

Custom Leather Boxes with Lids based on your requirements. Find more leather boxes, storage boxes , wood boxes and gift boxes.

Wood material covered pu leather for outside , non-weave fabric for inside of the leather storage box with lid.

Leather Box with Lid

Item No. : LB003

Product Name : Leather Boxes with Lids

Material of the leather box : real wood , pu leather in light green color , brown non weave fabric , brown color suture.

Size of the leather bottom box : length 24 cm x width 16 cm x height 10 cm

Size of the leather lid : leather 25 cm x width 17 cm x height 3 cm

Color of the material : pu leather in light green color , we can custom made other color material based on your requirements , like brown , green, blue, white or black color for you.

Color of non weave : we can use brown , black , white , green or other color non weave material for the inside of the box.

Structure of the leather box : bottom box with lid , leather boxes with lids

Shaped of the storage box : square shaped box, leather square boxes, square leather boxes.

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