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Nested Gift Boxes


Nested Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes, heart-shaped, rigid paper board wrapped art paper with 4 color printing and matt lamination , small size box nest into the big one , gift box lid with a printable decorative ribbons.

Nesting Paper Gift Boxes with four color printing

Small size of the heart shape box : 15 x 16 cm , height : 10 cm

Large size of the heart shape box : 20 x 21 cm , height : 12 cm

Lid height of the gift box : 3.5 cm , small size nest into the large gift box.

Material of the keepsake gift box : 2mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper , lining paper is the 100 gsm wood free paper

Printing : outside is 4 color , inside lining paper is 1 color

Designs include holidays, gourmet food , pets , dots, and corporate for this style of heart-shaped nesting gift boxes

Decorative : printed ribbons on the lid of the paper gift box for decorative this nice nesting heart shaped gift box.

Zooly Box produce paper boxes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, folding boxes, keepsake gift boxes. Our product range also includes boxes for specialty packaging , such as food, cosmetic, toy , stationery, etc.

Providing assorted colors and sizes of gift boxes, gable boxes, lunch boxes for Christmas , Baby, birthday, recycled, wedding and other paper gift box needs. 

Nested Gift Boxes , heart-shaped

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