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Cardboard Nesting Hat Boxes


Cardboard Nesting Hat Boxes

Special paper hat gift boxes, round shaped, set of 3 , nested together for one set. 2mm rigid cardboard paper board covered 120 gsm special quality art paper , 3 pieces cardboard hat boxes nested together for one set cardboard nested hat boxes.

Set of 3 , round hat boxes nested together

Item No. : NB013

Product Name : Cardboard Nesting Hat Boxes

Size of the nesting boxes :

Large box : dia. 10" , height 5" 

Medium box : dia. 8.5" , height : 4.5"

Small box : dia. 7" , height : 4"

Lid height : 1 1/2" height

Material of the round hat boxes : 2mm thickness rigid paper board with 120 gsm quality special carft paper , blue color special paper, white color inside of the boxes.

Shaped : round shape for these hat boxes , nested hat boxes.

Structure : bottom box with a top lid , same material for the bottom boxes and lids , cardboard hat boxes.

Packing : 1 set/polybag , 4 sets round hat box into a shipping carton

MOQ : 1,000 Sets

Round Nested Paper Hat Boxes

Any color , any sizes, any shaped are ok, we can produce the boxes based on our client's requirements.

Zooly boxes can supply many kinds of gift boxes, round boxes, jewelry boxes, folding boxes, nesting box, etc.

Interested in any boxes, please contact us, email us now.

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  • Angela Hall

    Are your 5" x 10" diameter paper mache boxes suitable for food--cakes? If so, what is the minimum order and price? Thanks.




  • Charlene

    How much would it cost to ship one set of these boxes in white to Thorold, Ontario?

  • cynthia paez

    I need a quote on these boxes. I see your minimum is 1000 boxes. Is this 1000 sets or 1000 total boxes 250 of each size. Also I need to know what colors you have them in and how much they will cost. I need the shipping price and time it will take to get to Florida.
    Will there be an additional charge when it arrives for sales tax certificate.
    Thank You

  • cynthia paez

    what sizes are included in the 1000 piece set and how many of each size so I know if this is really what I am looking for. How long for shipping and need to know what colors you have these boxes in.

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