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China manufacturer of custom-made file boxes , leather boxes, photo boxes and other boxes.

Magazine File Box

Custom made Magazine File Box based on your size with your logo. Find more file boxes, paper boxes and gift boxes here.

2 mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper with logo printing , magazine file box.

Magazine File Box

Item No. : OB013

Product Name : Magazine File Box

Material of the box : 2 mm cardboard , paper board , rigid and strong paper board , 128 gsm art paper for inside and outside material paper.

Printing : 1 color logo printing , black color for the outside , at the bottom of the front side , magazine file box with your brand logo printing.

Size of the file box : width 26 cm x height 32 cm x depth 10 cm , or we custom made the file boxes based on your size.

And this magazine file box is a not foldable box , if you intereseed in foldable boxes , please contact us.

For the magazine file boxes, we often use cardboard material , corrugated paper , etc.

If you interested in any file boxes, paper boxes , please contact us soon, we can produce the boxes based on your requirements.

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Red Drawer Boxes

Red Drawer Boxes from Zooly Box Source. Custom Red Drawer Boxes based on your requirements. Find ore red boxes , drawer boxes, gift box and paper boxes here!

Drawer gift boxes , rigid cardboard covered special red color paper , large gift box with a drawer in red color , one drawer with one frame for a drawer box.

Red Drawer Box

Item No. : OB012

Product Name : Red Drawer Boxes

Material of the drawer boxes : 2mm rigid paper board , 120 gsm special paper in red color , metal handle with name table

Size of the box frame : length 32 cm x width 14 cm x height 10 cm

Size of the drawer : length 31 cm x width 13.5 cm x height 9 cm

Metal handle position : metal handle is in the centre of the drawer , metal handle puller with a name table holder.

Inside of the drawer to be white color , outside of the frame and drawer to be red color.

And we can custom made the drawer gift boxes based on your requirements, like your size, your color printing, your paper material , etc.

Logo printing : you can choose gold foil , silver foil or embossing logo on the outer frame box .

Gift Box with Drawer

You can find more gift boxes, small boxes and drawer boxes here , including wedding drawer boxes, baby keepsake boxes, red gift boxes, red boxes, black boxes, round boxes ,decorative gift boxes and hat boxes with lids.

Fabric Set Up Gift Box

Fabric gift box , rigid paper board covered green and pink fabric velvet , quadrate shaped with round corners , bottom box with top lid , small set up gift box with a small decorative golden ribbon.

Set Up Gift Box with Lid with decorative Ribbon

Item No. : OB011

Product Name : Fabric Set Up Gift Box

Material of this set up box : velvet fabric in green color and pink color , rigid cardboard paper board in 2mm thickness , small golden ribbon bow

Size of bottom box : 14 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm

Size of top lid : 14cm x 12 cm x 3 cm height

Size of ribbon : 68 cm length x 1 cm width in golden color

Shaped of the box : quadrate-shaped set up gift box with round corners , rectangle-shaped gift box , rectangle shaped bottom box and oblong shaped top lid.

Packing : 1 piece set up box with lid into a polybag

Fabric Set Up Gift Box

Zooly box can provide you many kinds of gift boxes, including round boxes, square boxes, keepsake gift boxes, nesting gift boxes, black paper boxes, large decorative boxes, cupcake gift boxes, small wedding boxes, foldable boxes,round paepr nested hat boxes, etc. If you interested in any gift boxes, paper boxes, please contact us soon.

Paper Pencil Box

Pencil paper box , 1.5 mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper with 4 color printing , can hold 12 pieces HB pencils. Paper box pack 1 dozen pencils.

Paper Pencil Box

Item No. : OB010

Product Name : paper pencil box

Material of the pencil box : 1.5 mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper , 4 color stripe design printing and matt lamination.

Bottom box with lid , small size paper gift box.

Outside of the box : 4 color prinitng , inside of the box is white color.

Size of the box : 18 x 6 x 2.5 cm

MOQ : 10,000 pieces pencil boxes

Zooly box source is one manufacturer of the box in China, our factory can produce small gift boxes, keepsake gift boxes, large boxes, rigid paper boxes, small round boxes, hat boxes, decorative hat box with lid , black paper boxes, small boxes, etc.

Fabric Gift Box

Gift box , red color , fabric material , small box with decorative rope. Pop up gift box, bottom box with a lid , suture and embroidery fabric gift box.

Fabric Gift Box with Lid

Material : silk fabric , red color for inside and outside of the small fabric gift box, middle material is rigid paper board, 1.5mm thickness

Structure : bottom box with a lid , hexagonal shaped gift box

Color : material is red color , suture is red color , embroidery is silver color , decorative rope is red color

Decoration : smalll red rope decoratived the lid of this small red fabric gift box

Design service available :

Various specifications and colors avaliable

We can produce any design and quantity as per your special requirements.

Our Technical and skills : silk-screen printing , hot-bending , gluing , matt varnishing, glossy varnishing, X-ray Garve, Laser Die-cut and shape making by Mould , so we can produce many different gift boxes , fabric boxes for our customers to exports the goods to abroad.


We sincerely welcome all come to us for business and cooperation

For this red fabric box ,

Packing : 1pc/polybag , bulk quantity into a shipping carton

Zooly box can produce many different kinds of boxes for our clients , including gift boxes, jewelry gift boxes, small boxes, paper boxes, decorative boxes, hat boxes, nested boxes, foldable boxes, round boxes, packing boxes, keepsake boxes, etc. If you need, please let me know.

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Photo Album Gift Box

Photo Album Gift Box

Photo Album with cards set into a gift box, common small paper box , printed paper cover photo album, printed paper card set. China manufacturer of gift boxes and photo albums for you.

Structure of the photo album gift box : one 4x6 photo album, printed paper cover ; some printed paper card and stickers ; one gift box with lid and flap.

Material of photo album : 2mm paper board covered printed art paper (128 gsm) , with a yellow ribbon on the spine , 20 sheets inner pages , can hold 40 pieces 4x6" photos.

Material of gift box : 2 mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper , small yellow ribbon connect the lid and bottom box , one small drawer under the bottom box for hold one piece photo album, you can see it in the picture. And the top box , you can put one piece 4x6" photo frame on it.

Size : 18 x 13 x 8cm

Packing : 1 set/polybag or shrink , 12 sets per shipping carton

Find more gift boxes, keepsake boxes , nested boxes, round boxes, small boxes, gift box, foldable boxes, paper boxes from zooly box source.

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Black CK Shorts Box

Black paper box for Calvin Klein Shorts, rigid smooth black cardboard with smooth black paper , small size shorts paper box with lid , hidden magnets on the flap. One printed adheisve sticker glue on the front cover of the lid.

CK Shorts Box

Samll black paper boxes , small size : 19 x 13.5 x 4cm

Material of the CK shorts box : 2mm rigid smooth black paper cardboard , covered 135 gsm very high quality and smooth black special paper.

There are some texts and logo hot stamp on the black paper and sticker.

On front of the box lid, there is one 4 color printed black sticker with hot stamp logo

Flap : strong hidden magnets in the flap

One black paper in the small boxes for protect the CK shorts.

Packing : 1pc/polybag , 24 pcs per case

MOQ : 5,000 pieces

Note : the design is for CK, we can't produce the same boxes for other clients .

Zooly box source is a box manufacturer , we can produce many kinds of gift boxes, keepsake boxes, round boxes, small boxes, black boxes, nested boxes, foldable boxes, etc.

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Paper Pencil-box with flap

Pencil case , 2mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper with 4 color printing , small pencil box with a flap , two hidden magnet on the flap to close the paper pencilbox.

Size of the small paper box : 20 x 10 x 3.5 cm

Material of the pencil case : 2 mm grey paper board , wrapped 128 gsm art paper for outside , endpaper is 100 gsm wood free paper with 1 color printing .

Designes : we have many different artwork for the printable paper pencil boxes . And if you have your own artwork, we can produce the pencil cases based on your requirments.

Shape of the paper gift boxes : bottom box with a flap , and two hidden strong magnet on the flap for the closure of the pencil boxes.

Various shapes, sizes and designs available and Buyers' logos and designs acceptable.

Manufacturer and exporter of pencil boxes, paper pencil box, handmade pencil box and designer pencil box along with handmade paper gift boxes , if you interested in any pencil cases , please contact us soon.

And you can find many other style boxes here , like folding gift boxes, round gift boxes, small gift boxes, nesting paper boxes.

Printed Paper Pen Boxes

Gift pen box, rigid paper board covered printed art paper with a simple handle , with two hidden magnets on the flip to close the pencil boxes.

Pen box size : 20 x 8 x 4 cm , if you need other size for your gift pen box , please let me know. We can produce any sizes pencil boxes for you.

Material : 2 mm rigid paper board , 128 gsm art paper for outside of the box , 100 gsm wood free paper for inside of the pen boxes.

Printing : printed paper pen boxes , outside is 4 color printing on the art paper and with matt lamination , inside is 1 color /spot color on the offset paper without lamination.

Simple Handle : one blue plastic handle with metal fixup on the pencil box.

Packing : 1 pc /polybag , 48 pcs per shipping carton

Maybe you will interest in any other gift boxes, folding boxes, round boxes, nesting boxes, paper boxes.

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