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Zooly Box is a paper box manufacturer in China, our factory can produce the boxes, corrugated boxes, shipping boxes, brown boxes based on your requirements

Product Name : Natural Brown Kraft Gift Box

Natural Brown Kraft Gift Box

Item No.: ZY1210

Material : E-flute corrugated paper, natural brown kraft paper

Printing : there is no printing on the box, if you need, we can print the box based on your design

Size : any sizes, Zooly Box can produce the box based on your size

Small, medium, large size to hold different goods, like photo frame, keychains or wallets, gifts, etc.

Shape : rectangular shape corrugated paper box for shipping

Recycle paper box with natural brown kraft paper, it is cheaper.

If you interested in any paper boxes, please contact us, our factory is glad to produce the new boxes based on you need.

Custom gift boxes from Zooly Box ! More details or boxes , please visit our website, zooly.org , thank you.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Corrugated Shipping Boxes manufacturer in China ! Custom kraft Corrugated Shipping Boxes from Zooly !

Feature of Corrugated Shipping Boxes

5 layers brown kraft paper , shipping cartons with shipping mark for your goods.

More Details of brown kraft shipping boxes

Corrugated Shipping Boxes

  • Item No. : SB006
  • Product Name : corrugated paper shipping box
  • Material : 5 layers kraft paper , corrugated paper , it is about 5 mm thickness , flat packing
  • Size : our factory can produce the shipping boxes based on your sizes
  • Structure : shipping boxes, opened on bottom and top , glue the bottom when you use it.
  • Shape : rectangular-shaped, square shaped moving boxes
  • Printing : 1 color shipping mark printing on the four sides of the paper shipping boxes
  • Logo : can meet your need.
  • Packaging : put your goods into the corrugated shipping boxes , then deliver the goods to you.

Customize paper corrugated shipping carton with your logo printing at your sizes !

Our factory can provide many kinds of gift boxes, paper boxes, small boxes, cardboard boxes, shipping boxes and jewelry boxes, etc.

Including cardboard shipping boxes, small shipping boxes, large shipping boxes, packaging shipping boxes, jewelry shipping boxes, decorative shipping cartons , CD shipping boxes and corrugated shipping boxes.

Reviews : Any questions or comments about the cardboard corrugated shipping box , please leave a comment below.

Decorative Shipping Boxes

Decorative Shipping Boxes manufacturer in China ! Custom decorative corrugated shipping boxes from Zooly !

Feature of decorated shipping boxes

brown corrugated paper, brown natural kraft paper, decorative ribbon ropes

More Details of corrugated decorative shipping box

Item No. : SB005

Product Name : decorative shipping box

Decorative Shipping Boxes


Material : corrugated kraft paper , it is about 4 mm thickness, 3 layers corrugated moving boxes

Size : We can custom made decorative shipping boxes at your sizes. There is no standard size for you.

Structure : shipping boxes, flat packing , staped bound or glue bound on the edges

Shape :rectangular shipping boxes, square shipping boxes, etc.

Decorative : different colors for your references, red, green, black or other color you need, to decorate the shipping boxes when you moving

Printing : 1 color , 2 color or 4 colors printing on the four sides of the shipping moving boxes

Logo : welcome your logo design, we can print your logo on the shipping boxes to display the goods in the carton.

Packaging : flat packing

Please note : The picture and the details of decorative shipping boxes are supplied from Zooly. It is just for your reference. Maybe you don't need the same as this item, or just similar as it , but you want print your own design or logo on the box. If so, please send us the specification of the box you need , then we can quote our bottom factory prices based on your requirements.

Customize decorative paper shipping boxes with your logo printing at your sizes !

Find more gift boxes, shipping boxes , corrugated shipping boxes, cardboard shipping boxes, packing shipping boxes, large shipping boxes, flat shipping boxes, wine packing boxes, white shipping boxes, jewelry shipping boxes, colored shipping boxes, printed shipping boxes and decorative shipping boxes here.

Reviews : Any questions or comments about the printed decorative shipping box, please leave a comment below.

Folding Moving Boxes

China manufacturer of moving boxes, including paper boxes, file boxes, storage boxes, shipping boxes, folding boxes, etc.

Folding Moving Boxes

Item No. : SB004

Product Name : Folded Moving Boxes

Material of the moving boxes : E-flue corrugated paper box , simple moving boxes, natural brown paper

Size of the foldable shipping box : our factory can produce any sizes based on your need. Large shipping boxes, small moving boxes, file boxes, storage moving boxes, etc.

Printing : no printing on the folding boxes, if you need, we can print it based on your requirements.

Logo : add your own logo on the fold boxes soon. Custom folding moving box with your logo to display your company.

Quantity : our MOQ is 1,000 pcs per size.

Useful : custom packaging boxes for your gift packing , box packing for keychains, cup box, photo frames gift boxes, candy boxes, vase packaging , etc.

Packing : flat packaging

You can find more shipping boxes, moving boxes and folding gift boxes here.

Strong Shipping Boxes

Custom made Strong Shipping Boxes based on your sizes.

Brown kraft shipping boxes, flat packaging to save the packing cost and shipping cost.

Strong Shipping Boxes

Item No. : SB003

Product Name : Strong Shipping Box

Material of the shipping box : rigid and strong corrugated paper, 120 gsm brown kraft paper for inside and outside

Size of the moving boxes : we can produce many kinds of sizes for you, but we don't have any shipping boxes in stock, we should proudce the new shipping boxes based on your requirements, like size, printing, quantity, etc.

Normal shipping box sizes : there is no normal size, any sizes are avaliable. Small shipping box, medium shipping box, large shipping boxes and file moving boxes , etc.

Layers : for this shipping box, it is 5 layers paper box, 3 layers of brown kraft paper , 2 layers of corrugated paper, A-grade paper, so the shipping box is very strong and rigid.

Printing : we can print your logo or size, or other information on the shipping carton for you. No printing is also ok.

Workmanship : printing, die-cutting, gluing, packing

Packing : 10 pieces strong shipping cases with a line to together.

You can find more shipping boxes, shipping cartons, paper boxes, strong gift boxes, wedding paper boxes and moving boxes here.

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Brown kraft shipping boxes, different sizes for packaging of different goods. High quality cardboard shipping boxes with decorative ribbons in gold.

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Item No. : SB002

Product Name : Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Material of the shipping boxes : 5 layers shipping boxes, brown kraft paper , brown corrugated paper, decorative gold ribbon

Size of the cardboard shipping box : there are many different sizes of the shipping boxes, and our factory can produce the shipping boxes based on your requirements. Large shipping box , medium shipping box and small cardboard shipping cartons.

Printing : our factory can print your company information or logo on the front side and back side of the shipping box. And we can print the information of the packed goods on the two sides. As usual , it is one color printing , like black, red , or other color.

Of course , 4 color printing is also no problem , but maybe the effect is not very good as offset printing on art paper.

Ribbon : gold color , it is for decorative the shipping carton , no other useful.

Smooth edge and glue on side , no metal staple.

Packing : flat packaging

You can find more shipping boxes, gift boxes and jewelry boxes here. Including wedding card money box, decorative storage box, small round boxes, hat boxes with lids and cardboard shipping boxes.

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