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Card Paper Boxes


Zooly Box is a paper box manufacturer & exporter in China, our factory can produce the paper boxes, card boxes, wedding boxes based on your requirements.

There are some small card paper boxes for your reference.

Product Name : Card paper boxes

Card Boxes

Item No. : ZY1221

Material : 300 gsm white card paper with blue printing

Shape : square / heart or other shape paper box

Printing :  1 color printing on the outside , blue color , if you need other color, please contact us, we can print the box based on your Pantone colour number.

Size : small size paper box, we can meet your size.

These boxes are some small card boxes for wedding candy pack box.

Wedding card boxes for wedding party , candy pack , etc. If you interested in any paper boxes, please contact Zooly.

Custom Boxes from Zooly Box !

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  • Brian Smith


    I am look to purchase a number of boxes with lids. The color of the needs to be all pink or black bottom and pink lid with 1 color printed logo on the lid in black. the size is aproximately .....
    250mmx190mmx15mm they are to take a packaged ladies nylon stocking. I also need tissue paper cut to 500mm x 250mm to fit inside of the box as wrapping. I do need to keep costs down so I will take you advice as to the material used
    can you help?

    thank you

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